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We became addicted to internet chatrooms

Searching for solace as her wedding became strained, Lucy Dent initially discovered relief in chatrooms. She reflects about what became an addiction that is hugely damaging.

Expert psychologists — of that I are in possession of some experience — state that should you not cope with your dilemmas by the time you may be 40, they will rear up and deal, extremely emphatically, to you.

It took much time of counselling, and undoubtedly a lot of money, to know the value for this, but I was cost by it much more than cash.

I happened to be a latecomer to counselling, having formerly considered therapy a mostly american pursuit. I became Uk, and therefore buttoned up. We had learned to muddle by. And I also did, virtually, and I also ended up being completely fine — until abruptly I becamen’t. Прочитать остальную часть записи »

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