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Intercourse can blow your thoughts — literally.

Transient worldwide amnesia is a rapid, short-term loss in memory that is not due to any typical neurological condition. What exactly could cause it? Sex.

Along side an extremely quick set of other notable causes that also includes immersion that is sudden hot or cool water, intercourse can literally wipe your memory. Fortunately, the illness is uncommon, short-term, rather than expected to recur.

But how does this happen? In a 2012 research posted within the journal Stroke, scientists contend that a specific types of tensing and straining mostly when you look at the stomach and typical while having sex can place extreme stress on your veins and permit deoxygenated blood to move toward the mind, causing it to basically short out.

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The menu of weird fetishes is means longer and method more certain than you understand.

The menu of strange fetishes — understood into the community that is medical paraphilias — is really staggering:

There’s autoplushophilia (arousal at oneself dressed as a huge, cartoon-like stuffed animal), autonepiophilia (arousal at yourself by means of a child), climacophilia (arousal at falling down stairs), lithophilia (arousal at stone and gravel), and that is only the start.

During one kiss, you and your spouse change 80 million germs.

This figure comes due to a 2014 research posted in Microbiome. The scientists found that one kiss that is ten-second move about 80 million germs of over 700 different varieties.

Needless to say, our whole bodies are home to an ecosystem of greater than 100 trillion microorganisms. But fear perhaps not, neither the lips nor human body germs are, more often than not, harmful.

Your penis can break.

Even though the peoples penis contains no bones, unexpected and powerful bending of an erect penis during sex or masturbation may cause the corpus cavernosum (cylinders of muscle that comprise the majority of the penis) to break. Прочитать остальную часть записи »

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