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We Texted With 13 Dudes on Tinder only using Rachel Green Quotes and some tips about what Happened

«Being alone sucks! «

Everybody knows picking out the thing that is right state on dating apps may be difficult. But after my last Tinder experiment texting dudes only using Carrie Bradshaw quotes shown to be weirdly empowering, I made a decision to allow another famous solitary girl when you look at the town guide me personally on my regular quest to get a soul mates via LTE. Who a lot better than everyone’s problematic fave, Rachel Green from Friends?

1. The Solitary Man

Guy, do personally i think this. Literally ME once I decided we was not likely to date anybody for several of 2017 while focusing on Myself, after which my friend that is best went and came across her soul mates, and I also ended up being the same as, » How can you be therefore selfish? I was thinking a deal was had by us! «

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