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NRL Talking points: John Bateman stars and Sam Burgess speaks his mind

Week among the NRL finals is done and dusted, Jenna Brooks includes of the talking points, as John Bateman celebrities, Elliott Whitehead strikes back in Cameron Smith and Sam Burgess speaks his mind.
Bateman excels
It wasn’t a surprise that it was John Bateman who saw the try that is late to hand Melbourne in their qualifying final on Saturday to Canberra a 12-10 win over premiers.
Bateman try ensured the Raiders second finals away win in nearly 25 decades.
«All these are the games that I wish to play and we moved out there now and got the work done and that is what it is about,» Bateman said.
«I felt at a final once but we dropped so that would have to be up there as one of the best tries I’ve ever scored. But full credit to your team. We’ve worked hard all year and it’s exciting what is coming.»
Bateman performances this year have attracted a lot of praise.
«People have been shocked with how I have gone this year but that I was always confident in my own abilities. I knew I can play rugby at the standard I have played at this season .»
Once they secured their position at the final week, his team-mates and bateman can enjoy a week off. Canberra will host the winners involving South and Manly Sydney.
Whitehead fires back
Elliott Whitehead has hit back at comments made by Cameron Smith throughout the Raiders win on the Storm.
Play has been stopped while the prior Catalans and Bradford forward received therapy for a knee injury, prompting Cameron Smith to complain to the officer.
The Melbourne captain had been overheard saying,»My kids have larger scratches compared to that. Fair dinkum, we are stopping a rugby league match »
Whitehead has responded by posting a gruesome video to his knee on societal networking of a gash , captioning it’only a scrape ‘
‘Kangaroo court’
Sam Burgess has criticised the NRL judiciary system, calling it a’kangaroo court.’
Burgess, who had been made to overlook the defeat of South Sydney to the Roosters, because of a one-game ban for a hair pull Billy Smith, has been summoned to a meeting using NRL CEO Todd Greenberg over the remarks.
2019 has never been a great time for the celebrity who has missed 11 NRL games because of suspension.
Burgess didn’t qualify given his history, although a system to permit players who’ve been charged with a minor offence to pay a fine instead of spend less on the sidelines was introduced by the NRL.
«Everybody says there has to be an [overhaul] of their judicial procedure. Who’s making calls ?» Burgess questioned.
«Is there a discussion before these forecasts go on the market? I really don’t understand what the process is. It’s like kangaroo courtroom in there.»
«We are extremely reactive. We are a multi-million dollar game we’re ruling out players for large games over things that are [small ]. Just fine the participant .»
On Friday, the Rabbitohs lost 30-6 With no England international in a match that saw for tripping South Sydney centre James Roberts Jared Waerea-Hargreaves passed a one-game ban.
«Just fine this player. Can it be bad? Did anybody get hurt? Is anyone hurt? No, however. Is it silly? Is it part of this game? Can it be in the contest? Yeah.»
Greenberg will match with Burgess next week, where the Englishmen will explain his comments should not lead to a breach notice, while also needing into the opportunity to express his views.
Burgess returns on Friday to the Rabbitohs must-win game against Manly. After the Sea Eagles outplayed Cronulla 28-16 in their removal final, that is.
Broncos behaviour
Brisbane were thrashed 58-0 from Parramatta their biggest defeat in the history of the club, on Sunday, but the point with that game was exactly what happened the night before.
On Saturday night, Corey Oates, Andrew McCullough, Payne Haas, David Fifita, Matt Gillett along with Anthony Milford were seen until 11pm at a Sydney bar.
The team issued a statement saying there wasn’t a hint that the players had been drinking and all reported at 7am the following day to the team breakfast.
However it has created lots of criticism and debate over the game.
Broncos legend Darren Lockyer admits that he didn’t understand why players would be out the night before a final and was extremely disappointed.
«You have created the finals, you are going to a scene you know is going to be filled full of the opposition fans. You’re in a hostile atmosphere.
«If you are any possibility of winning this game you want to be as prepared as possible.
«Regardless if there is any drink involved, if you are out until 11 o’clock the evening prior to a match within an establishment like it doesn’t set a fantastic example of how a game means to you. It’s disappointing.»
Lockyer has also contested the leadership within the club»Obviously the coach and the coaching team is a big catalyst [of leadership], but the senior players are the guys that have a large influence within the culture.»

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